Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

Data Structure and Computer Programming Laboratory:

The Data Structure and Computer Programming Laboratory is equipped with a FTP Server (Linux), 30 desktop computers, and a multimedia projector. The operating systems are Linux, Windows etc. The Programming language and package include C/C++, Java, ForTran, Oracle, MATLAB, Visual Basic, SPSS, My-SQL Server, PHP, .NET etc to support the hands on laboratory practices for different computation intensive courses.

Database and Simulation Laboratory:

The Data base and Simulation and Modeling Laboratory is a high-tech computing facility for developing sophisticated data models and simulations. The Database and Simulation Laboratory is equipped with 20 desktop computers, and a multimedia projector. The operating systems are Linux, Windows etc. The software package include Oracle, My-SQL, MATLAB, Mathematica,ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Phoenix Integration, ModelCenter etc.

Electrical Circuit and Digital Logic Design Laboratory:

The Electrical Laboratory are equipped with Capacitor, Resistance, DC Power Supply, Diode, Zener Diode, Linear ICS, TTLs ICs, Mili-Ammeter, Photo Diode, Photo Transistor, Rheostat, Signal Generator, Seven Segment Display, Tool Box, Trainer Board, Voltmeter, Wattmeter, Ammeter Bread Board and with computer interface to facilitate research. And the Digital Systems Laboratory is equipped with modern Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, analog and digital trainer boards, signal generators and TTLs ICs, MOSFETs, Digital IC Taster, Digital multi-meter, and other semiconductor devices. Projects related to digital logic design, computer interfacing and embedded systems are pursued in this lab. The Micro Processor and Micro Controller Laboratory is equipped with 8086 Microprocessor Tool-Kit, Oscilloscope, DC Power Supply, Trainer Board, and other interfacing ICs with computer interface to facilitate research. Student are taught how to generate hex code of the assembly program and input it to the 8086 microprocessor kit both manually and through the serial port directly from PC

Data Communication and Computer Networking Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with 20 PCs connected in a LAN. This laboratory is well resourced with Windows 2000 Professional Servers, Cables (UTP, STP, Optical fiber, DTE-DCE etc.), access points, GPS, connector, crimpling tools, cable tester, NIC, RJ45 connectors, routers, switches, hubs and other networking kits. At first students learn the technical details and analysis using Packet Tracer software. For further study, they implement various projects using different devices provided in this laboratory.

Physics Laboratory:

The Physics Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments. Such as calorimeter, post office box, meter bridge, potentiometer, polarimeter, compound pendulum, microscope, sonometer, optical bench, traveling microscope, resistance boxes (ranging from 0.1 W to 10,000 W), rheostates of various ranges, slide calipers, screw gauges, capillary tubes, Searle’s apparatus, bad conductors, good conductors, viscosity measurement apparatus, galvanometers, voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters etc. The aim of doing physics experiments is to understand the concepts of physics and also to make the students able to work independently. After completing the physics laboratory course, the students will have self-confidence to work independently in a laboratory.

Chemistry Laboratory:

The Chemistry laboratory is essential for the CSE students and currently it is under construction.