“Business Fair – 2023”

The "Business Fair - 2023" was scheduled and hosted by the Central Women's University Business Club (CWUBC) on November 07, 2023, starting in the morning. The celebration was inaugurated and commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by our esteemed Vice Chancellor Dr. Perween Hasan, and Registrar of the university Mr. Elias Ahmed along with faculty members from the Department of Business Administration.
The vice chancellor followed by expressing her feelings, opinions, and thoughts on the occasion. A dance performance was given by a student studying business administration.
Later, our guests and faculty members explored and appreciated every stall at the fair featuring homemade foodstuffs, bakeries and pastries, snacks, cosmetics and beauty products, apparel, ornaments, perfume, home furnishings, gift items, etc. Out of the ten stalls, seven were owned and operated by our students' current businesses, while the remaining stalls were sponsored. The event proceeded smoothly and was expertly designed. Flavours by Sheri, Dressy Queen, Glamour Shop BD, Grasshopper Wedding and Events were the sponsors of this event.
The purpose of organizing this 'Business Fair-2023' is to pique the attention of our students and provide them with hands-on experience in becoming successful entrepreneurs in the future.