"Exploring Stories Through Lenses: CWU Journalism Students Dive into 'All That Weather' Exhibition"

Yesterday, students from the Journalism and Media Studies Department at Central Women's University visited the "All That Weather" photography exhibition as part of their “Photojournalism “course.
All that weathers, is a collection of stories that navigate turbulent tides of change. Set against the backdrop of interior Bengal, Kashmir and Central India, eight stories emerge that set the premise for a dialogue on mental health, portraits of sisterhood, the inheritance of music, a champion sportswoman from a rural community, the aftermath of an ecological disaster, the interweaving of religion with politics, and performing arts on the brink of extinction.
The exhibition is curated by Tanjimul Islam and Shadman Sakib Chowdhury and will showcase the final projects of the residents of Pathshala International Programme - Ayan Biswas, Brihat Rai, Elodie Guignard, Poornima Nair, Sabin Shrestha, Suparna Nath, Vishesh Anand and Zainab. In the six-month-long residency, the participants have been mentored by exceptional curators, artists, writers, and bookmakers from across three countries to develop their own distinctive voices and reidentify themselves as storytellers.
Photojournalism students stand to gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge by attending photography exhibitions. These exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for students to engage with professional photographers' work, providing them with exposure to diverse styles, techniques, and subject matter prevalent in the field. By observing and analyzing the photographs on display, students can enhance their understanding of visual storytelling, composition, and the ethical considerations inherent in photojournalism. Moreover, interacting with established photographers and fellow enthusiasts fosters networking opportunities and facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences. Ultimately, attending photography exhibitions serves as a supplement to classroom learning, enriching students' understanding of the craft and preparing them for the dynamic and competitive landscape of photojournalism.
Mitali Ray, the instructor for the Photojournalism course, coordinated and accompanied all students to the event.
This event organized by CWU Media & Movie Club